Curious Canvas Origin Behavior

I’m trying to figure out some slightly odd canvas origin behavior.

Try this:
– Create a new canvas in OG (I’m using 7.8.1), then, in the Canvas Inspector…
– Set Units to “Inches - Decimal” and Scale to “1 in = 1 in”
– Set Major Grid Spacing to “1 in” and Minor Grid Steps to 16
– Turn ON Snap to Grid and Show Grid Lines
– Set the grid origin to o for both horse and vert

– Now, draw a box anywhere on the canvas (it will snap to the grid)
– Notice that the canvas origin has now changed to some curious value

– Reset the canvas origin. The box will now be “off the snap”
– Move the box to move it “on snap” … note that the canvas origin changes AGAIN

Why does the origin change like this? I don’t understand why it should change at all, least of all to some rather odd random-looking numbers?

It APPEARS as if the object that is closest to the canvas origin in some way controls the origin. If I create two boxes, moving one around that is further from the origin does not change it, while moving the box closest DOES change it.

Anyone any idea why this happens? I can’t find anything in the manual about this.


That happens when you have Flexible canvas mode on with all sides set to automatically adjust. Flexible canvas mode is designed for those who do not care about page sizes or their origin location because they are exporting graphics for screen use or are using OmniGraffle for presentation mode rather than for printing, or because they are exporting artboards and want the space to have as many artboards as needed on one canvas. If your intent is to print or to export to PDF or Visio, I recommend Fixed canvas mode as the best choice for printing.

You can switch to the Fixed canvas mode in the canvas inspector. If you are printing, and you still need a stable canvas origin, in flexible mode, turn off autosizing to the top and left, so your document can grow only to the right and down. This is what autosizing allowed in OmniGraffle versions prior to OmniGraffle 7.


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Ah, thank you for the information! :)