Curious how OF for the web is going from a business perspective?

I wonder if they are seeing the usage that continues to justify the expense and resources of running a web app. I wonder this because I’m forced to use a PC at work, and For OF to be my go to system, I really need to be able to use the web version.

I knows it’s relatively early still, but they are missing quite a few features.

I know they didn’t promise they would be there yet, but I’m still disappointed that many features aren’t there.

Like you, I’m forced to use a PC at work, though I have my own iPad on the side to accomplish some tasks. I like the web version however I am frustrated by sync issues I have from time to time. I’m hoping OmniGroup continues this version of OF though because I do find it helpful.

I would rather they had just built a windows version. Not supporting my custom perspectives makes the web version pretty useless to me.

If they build it into the web version, then it will be good. I can’t install software on my work PC any way.

Right now, this remains a crippled version of OF. As one example, the inability to use the attachment feature of OF in the web version makes it very difficult for me to stick with OF, as my current employer does not support MacOS.

I recognize that under agile development, the design process is inherently iterative and improvement constant, but this is a situation where the user base really needs a better sense of when OMNI might get closer to feature equivalency with the web version. The most recent roadmap post is very general on this. Really, more clarity is needed here.

One of the reason I went for an OmniFocus subscription is to get OmniFocus for Web. I think of it as still young - but it’s already a useful adjunct on Mac. Also I expect it to run on Raspberry Pi. I could build automation around that, though the HTML page layout is a bit complex.

As a relatively new-to-web user, I’m quite happy with what I’ve seen thus far.

My take is that the web version isn’t really a full “working” tool, but more of a “collecting” and “viewing” tool that I can use on any device (Windows) and then do my actual planning/organizing and such on my Mac when I complete daily/weekly/monthly reviews. The web seems to have enough functionality for capture and what’s next task management.

Of course, I haven’t really incorporated the web version into my life completely - so that perspective may change. I’m just thrilled that I can make my disparate systems come together.

I will add that I hope they get drag and drop working soon. (Maybe I was doing it wrong but I tried it and it doesn’t work.)

So I still need to keep OmniFocus for Mac around (and on iOS / iPadOS I never expect to replace it with Web, except as an emergency).

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OFW Drag and drop is working in places.

You can re-order and nest tasks in a project, but you can’t re-order projects, tags or perspectives.

I use it for work (where I have to use Windows) and it covers the majority of my needs.

It’s not too annoying to occasionally pull my phone out to re-order projects or tweak a perspective.

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