Curious how OF for the web is going from a business perspective?


I wonder if they are seeing the usage that continues to justify the expense and resources of running a web app. I wonder this because I’m forced to use a PC at work, and For OF to be my go to system, I really need to be able to use the web version.

I knows it’s relatively early still, but they are missing quite a few features.

I know they didn’t promise they would be there yet, but I’m still disappointed that many features aren’t there.


Like you, I’m forced to use a PC at work, though I have my own iPad on the side to accomplish some tasks. I like the web version however I am frustrated by sync issues I have from time to time. I’m hoping OmniGroup continues this version of OF though because I do find it helpful.


I would rather they had just built a windows version. Not supporting my custom perspectives makes the web version pretty useless to me.


If they build it into the web version, then it will be good. I can’t install software on my work PC any way.