Current stable version?


I just experienced this as well. I believe the SPoD occurrence was preceeded by a program (Microsoft) attempted to update in the background, eating up system resources. I believe this because an Excel update existed … half-installed but stalled.


I am not an Excel user so that wasn’t it for me.

I did notice the one time I was able to re-create the SPoD, I had multiple apps open (FireFox, Mail, Grab, OG, OmniOutliner). In my usual operating mode, I have more apps running (Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, AccountEdge plus above) and it appeared to occur more often.

I will continue to try and recreate.


Do you know if you had multiple OmniGraffle documents opened at the time? Was there just one file open in OmniGraffle? We have reproduced and fixed one crasher here in house, but want to be sure that we have fixed all lingering cases. Thank you for working with us to get this solved.


If I had another document open, it would have been the stencil file. But I’m pretty sure i just had my work file open.

When I got the one crash/SWoD to re-occur this morning I only had one file open. Of course, I couldn’t reproduce it a few seconds later. Even had QuickTime ready to go!


After I updated to 7.11 I also experienced lots of new bugs. Here’s one that still exists even after updating to 7.11.1 – table cells no longer resize to fit contents (or the rows they’re in don’t resize). Screencast:

I also had tables where the rows collapsed to a few pixels tall for no reason, and tables where certain cells were unselectable even if I clicked right on them. I can’t recreate those bugs now.

I also still have the “Fit in Window” problems I reported in the past.


Thank you for the clear bug reports. I’ve made sure the table issue has been reported now. These issues are different from the stability problems others have reported, but thank you for letting us know about them and sorry for the difficulty.

I’ll look into the “Fit to Window” situation and let you know what I’ve found and if there is a workaround until we have a fix.




Did you end up going back to 7.10.2? I can reproduce the Fit in Window bug there when rulers are not showing, but not in 7.11.1 where I am seeing the problem with fit to window without the ruler is resolved. What version are you seeing that in? I can reproduce in 7.10.2, but not 7.11.1 or higher.

Fit in Window is a per canvas mode. If you zoom in or out, it is turned off for that canvas. If you have it on, it should stay on for that canvas until/unless you zoom to a different level. The part that was a bug is there was a gap at the top when rulers were hidden, but that bug fix is only in 7.11 and higher.


Only thing I have seen with “Fit in Window” it it resizes using all layers, not just visible layers. If I have a really large section on one layer but make it invisible and use “Fit in Window”, the image shrinks (zooms out) as if the other layer was still visible (You can try this with the file I just uploaded to Christian on the Adding Nodes issue).


I was able to get the SWoD, captured Log and eMailed. Yeah?


Is 7.11.1 stable enough for everyday work or should I keep using 7.10.2?


I’d try 7.11.2 instead. It is out now.


Okay. Still keep 10.2… just in case?


The reports from 7.11.2 have been that the stability is improved, but it can’t hurt to keep it around a few days just to be sure.


First actions (moving nodes) got me a SWoD. Just send process sample. Going back to 7.10.2


I honestly can’t reproduce the problem with the file you sent. Do you want to post a screenshot of what you are doing exactly and I can try again? I’m not sure what the disconnect is.


The group of lines we created (No Stroke and Stroke) get dropped onto a canvas. Then I pick up the handles and move them into position. Takes a bit of fine tuning with each node to get angles correct.

Don’t know how I would do a screen shot of the process but here are a couple attempts:

(just dropped stencil onto canvas)

(lines all moved into position)


You are getting a hang that doesn’t end at any point while moving these lines in 7.11.2?

I can see that the lines are outside of the selection which is a bug, and I’ll make sure that is reported. But is that causing the hang you are seeing? I’m getting confused as to what is causing the hang.


After moving the group from the stencil, I click on it to get access to the nodes (the green, blue, and red highlights) then drag them to where they need to be. It was during one of these drags I got the SWoD. I will finish this section using 10.2 then go back and try some stuff to see if I can duplicate. FWIW, this is very similar to the SWoD I was getting before when I was just moving the group of lines in the beta (don’t remember the build).


I’d love to figure out how to reproduce it just so that we can be sure to get this fixed! It sounds like it’s blocking your workflow, which I’m sorry for.


I’ll keep trying to get it to reoccur.

No, it’s not blocking me. I’ve got three versions installed. Use 10.2 for most work, dabble with 11.2 to see what’s new, and try out 11.3…to see if I can break it!

This is still an amazing product. I just printed out Quads of my drawing today and they look incredible. I should have started using OG for this years ago.