Current stable version?

I’d try 7.11.2 instead. It is out now.

Okay. Still keep 10.2… just in case?

The reports from 7.11.2 have been that the stability is improved, but it can’t hurt to keep it around a few days just to be sure.

First actions (moving nodes) got me a SWoD. Just send process sample. Going back to 7.10.2

I honestly can’t reproduce the problem with the file you sent. Do you want to post a screenshot of what you are doing exactly and I can try again? I’m not sure what the disconnect is.

The group of lines we created (No Stroke and Stroke) get dropped onto a canvas. Then I pick up the handles and move them into position. Takes a bit of fine tuning with each node to get angles correct.

Don’t know how I would do a screen shot of the process but here are a couple attempts:

(just dropped stencil onto canvas)

(lines all moved into position)

You are getting a hang that doesn’t end at any point while moving these lines in 7.11.2?

I can see that the lines are outside of the selection which is a bug, and I’ll make sure that is reported. But is that causing the hang you are seeing? I’m getting confused as to what is causing the hang.

After moving the group from the stencil, I click on it to get access to the nodes (the green, blue, and red highlights) then drag them to where they need to be. It was during one of these drags I got the SWoD. I will finish this section using 10.2 then go back and try some stuff to see if I can duplicate. FWIW, this is very similar to the SWoD I was getting before when I was just moving the group of lines in the beta (don’t remember the build).

I’d love to figure out how to reproduce it just so that we can be sure to get this fixed! It sounds like it’s blocking your workflow, which I’m sorry for.

I’ll keep trying to get it to reoccur.

No, it’s not blocking me. I’ve got three versions installed. Use 10.2 for most work, dabble with 11.2 to see what’s new, and try out 11.3…to see if I can break it!

This is still an amazing product. I just printed out Quads of my drawing today and they look incredible. I should have started using OG for this years ago.

Its crashing when I’m working with lines - its like getting unusable.

We have a report of this and can’t reproduce it in house. If possible for you to reproduce, could you please email an example to us from Contact Omni? There is an option to anonymize which will replace your text with the letter x if you are working on something confidential.

Sorry for the crashing and I really hope we can get this fixed quickly. Anything you can provide may help.


Thank you for your help! I was able to reproduce the issue so that we can fix it. It’s specific to High Sierra, so if upgrading to Mojave is an option for you, that is a potential workaround until we can get this fixed.

Okay. Makes sense.

As far as Mojave, not at this time (need to free up some space first so I can even download the beast) and I am fine continuing with 7.10.2.