Current status of OmniFocus automation in one place?


Is there some canonical page with the current status of TaskPaper/Workflow/Editorial automation features & syntax? As it stands, it seems like it’s necessary to parse through the entire history of these features’ development to try to sort out what’s possible, what’s buggy, what’s not, what’s coming soon, and how implementations differ across Workflow & Editorial (which languishes in an exasperating semi-permanent state of neglect).

Every time an implementation question comes up, it takes far too much time to sort out, and the forums’ behaviour of hijacking the browser’s built-in find-on-page is infuriating (yes, I get that it’s trying to work around the lazy-loading, but browser behaviour that reaches back to Netscape’s early betas should be sacrosanct).

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Before anyone points this out — I’m aware of Implementation Details for OmniFocus 2.14 Automation — but it’s dated April, 2016. It is unclear if this is being revised as things change…

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I’d recommend and in addition to the forum post above.

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Thanks; those are helpful! :)

That first link is nice but it’s not complete…

… I saw in another thread the other day an automation URL that set a preference. That type of URL is not documented on that page.

Maybe “set preference” URLs aren’t officially supported. Who knows?

Hi Martin,

The article is specific to the URL Scheme for OmniFocus automation added in OmniFocus v2.14 for iOS. It includes only the URLs relevant to that functionality.

There is not currently an all inclusive official list of hidden URLs that set preferences. We often share any URLs which might help with a given situation, by their purpose, like the list above. There is a forum post at with an unofficial list of hidden preference URLs which might be useful. If you feel strongly that an official list would be helpful, let us know by email at and our support humans will make sure it gets filed correctly.


Thanks for this. I don’t know what your other users think so I’ll first respond here:

I would think that either

  1. These URLs are stable and should be documented.


  1. They’re not stable and people should be discouraged from using them.

Hopefully the former.