Custom actions for OF tasks

It occurred to me this morning that there was a barrier when using Omnifocus. If I have a task (say to send an e-mail to someone) I can be reminded of it in OF, but I have to come out of the ap to create the e-mail unless the task was created from a previous e-mail. The same think applies to social media & phone calls.
Card Hop (from the Fantastical people) is a contacts app. You can associate custom actions to contacts allowing you to call, e-mail etc very quickly from a contact’s “card”.
I was thinking it might be a real time-saver to be able to set an custom action from a task so that with a single click you could go from OF to a new-e-mail screen (or link to make a call etc). I don’t think that there is any need to overdo it (like e-mail addresses to be pre-populated), but that quick link would be a real time saver.
Is this something Omni could consider looking at, or are there scripts to provide this sort of functionality already?


For e-mails, you can add a mailto: link to the note field (e.g. When you tap/click on this link a new email will be created that’s addressed to the specified recipient.

Similarly, you can add a tel: link to the note field to make it convenient to make a phone call (e.g. tel:555-555-5555) from an OmniFocus action. There’s also an Omni Automation plug-in to Add Call Task that you can use as-is or as a starting point.

If you want to reference a specific record in Cardhop, you can control/right-click on the contact and choose Copy Contact URL. Paste this URL into the note field in OmniFocus to have one click access to this record.

Cardhop - Contact Contact URL


2Do has this which I thought would be really useful when I flirted with it a few years back. Honestly it for me anyway just added another layer of “stuff” needing completing when adding tasks and I ended up hardly ever using it.

It was simply quicker to just open mail or contacts manually when the time came to action the task

Cardhop is great I just wish I could develop a habit of using it more

Thanks Tim,

Some good ideas here.



My idea is that either the first URL in the Notes field or (if desired) the URL associated with some specifically chosen markup could be triggered with a single action. Maybe this would be possible with Omni Automation?

If it’s not possible already, there could be a button associated with each task that would be configurable (either globally, or even per project or per task) that would run a specific automation. That could be used to extend and customize OF pretty extensively, and if nothing was assigned to it, it would just be hidden.

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