Custom Calculations

I am looking for a way to do custom calculations within OmniPlan. I’m open to AppleScript or exporting the data into Excel and analyzing it there.

I have several needs but here is the critical one at the moment:

Determine the cost of keeping a resource on the project from the start of their first task to the end of their last task. I require this when I incorporate consultants in my efforts and want to maintain their institutional knowledge throughout the effort even though they may only be utilized at 75% throughout that same effort.

The formula I am looking to implement (in excel-like terms) is as follows:

networkdays( min( start date for resource), max( finish date for resource ) ) * 8

which translates into

The number of business days between their start and end dates multiplied by a standard 8 hours a day.

I’m confident that once I can do this automatically I can do other things like:

  • Determine the cost for keeping that resource around for that time period
  • Calculate their utilization throughout the entire project
  • And many other useful planning metrics.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am not versed in AppleScript and am extremely well versed in languages, programming, advanced excel and advanced Microsoft Project so I should be able to work with what you suggest - at least I hope.