Custom Fonts in OmniOutliner 3.0

Is it possible to add custom fonts (Specifically the Source Code Pro font) to Omni Outliner 3.0?

Thanks in advance.

You can install a font to the system using a profile. This can be done fairly easily using a tool like AnyFont or FondFont.

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I did’t know that was an option.

I used Apple Configurator and made a custom font profile. Works Great.


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I’m using OO 3.7 and I can’t get a custom font to appear in the font selector.

I’ve loaded the font with AnyFont. It works perfectly in Pages. The font even displays correctly in OmniOutliner where it was used on my Mac. But it doesn’t appear in the font selection list for new edits.

Very frustrating.

I wonder if this might be the issue:

I received this reply from Omni support:

I’m afraid that Fonts installed via this method aren’t something that’ll work in OmniOutliner on iOS 14. From the link you’ve added, it sounds like you’re already familiar with what’s happening here, but my understanding of this is that it’s fallout from some of the changes that Apple made around the way these fonts work due to some apps using them as a means of tracking users.