Custom Forecast-Style (Calendar) Perspective

I would like to create a customized “Forecast-style” (Calendar) Perspective in Omnifocus. Likely this is doable within the current feature set (OF 2.11.2) but i’m just not approaching it right. My experience with custom Perspectives is limited. I also tried reconfiguring the standard Forecast perspective.

What i’d like is a Forecast-style view where tasks are grouped by day (Past Due, today, tomorrow, etc) then sorted by time of day. Importantly, i would like to be able to view them still grouped by day, but then sorted (clustered) by CONTEXT - so that tasks within the same context would be grouped together; and sub-sorted by time of day. Then the same thing but clustering them by project instead of context.

Any pointers on whether is doable, and how to approach it would be appreciated - TIA.

You can’t have grouping and sub grouping unfortunately, which means I would suggest that you group by Due, and then sort by Context (assuming due is more important than context). I set no filters or focus on my perspective and it shows everything for me.


Thanks Rosemary! That was most helpful, i have it working now.