Custom HTML template issue

I am trying to create a new custom report template, using the existing HTML template , so that I can export data as per my need. I created a new HTML template by choosing" Edit a Copy" link under General preferences>HTML.
However I am not able to edit any HTML file under this new template…

Looks like all the “Styles” get lost, when I save the resource .html file, AS-IS ( with absolutely NO changes):
Am I doing anything wrong here? pls suggest.

@asthab Sorry for the trouble! Our Support team would be happy to look into this with you - could you send them an email? They can be reached at It’d be great if you could let them know what version of OmniPlan you’re using, and attaching a copy of the HTML file you’re working with might be helpful.

Hi, Looks like I found the resolution to my problem. Sharing it here, so it can be referred, if needed. The issue was happening due to TextEdit, and has nothing to do with omniplan. In order to edit html in TextEdit, one has to change the TextEdit preferences, to allow “Display html files as html files instead of formatted text” If we don’t do…

@asthab Glad to hear you sorted it out!