Custom line fill

I’m trying to replicate this wiring diagram in OmniGraffle. So far, everything works out perfectly, except for one thing: the multi colored lines.

Is it possible to give a line a custom fill? I would like the end result to be as similar as possible to the example.

Thanks in advance!

Making a colored line with a solid color can be done by selecting ‘double stroke’ and selecting the appropriate internal color. OG does not support (picture) patterns inside a line so you will have do to a bunch of manual drawing here. You can, however, experiment a bit with two overlaying lines:

If you set the dash pattern to a short dash and create two lines with the same pattern, position the second line on top of the first so that it ‘fills in the gaps’ of the bottom line. Now if you set each line to different fill colors you get a bit of the pattern in your drawing. Its a hack, not great, but perhaps experimenting with this might lead to a better idea.

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Thanks for your reply. It’s quite disappointing that OG doesn’t support this feature, as the rest of the application is perfectly suits my needs. I tried your solution which, while very creative, isn’t satisfactory for me. Couldn’t make it work, and if I could, it’s probably too much of a hassle. Any other solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Make a solid line of the type you want, set it to the background colour. Duplicate it, set it to the dashed line of your choice and the foreground colour, select both, use align horizontal centres and vertical centres then group them. Make a set of the various line types and colours you’d want on another graffle (I don’t know if you could turn it into a stencil), then you can copy them and paste them where you want and manipulate them to a certain extent … lengthening, changing angle, etc … Very quick to make a line like that.


Hope that helps.

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That worked better than I expected! Still, it’s quite fiddly to make it work, especially when trying to connect both lines to other objects. As soon as I started moving around the objects where the lines were connected to, one line started to flicker a bit, sometimes disappearing completely. Might be a bug. Still a nice workaround.

I have to say, I only have OG Pro 5.4 and I only experimented making a straight line and a curved line. But I’m glad it was of some help, until maybe someone else, perhaps from Omni steps in with a better suggestion.

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One additional question, is there a way to collectively move/add/edit separate points for multiple lines?