Custom list layout on iPad?

Hey there. Is it possible to customize what I see in each list view in the iPad version? Like custom layout vs fluid layout like it is in Mac? I’ve found a way for est. time to be very useful, even more so if I can see it on my device without having to click on it. Thanks!


Yes. You need to make a perspective either on your mac which will sync across, or make a perspective on your iPad. You will probably need the pro version.

Thanks, but I don’t see the option to view more items in list view other than the project, if there’s a note, due date and status circle. I have the pro version. I’m not trying to move the perspectives around. For example, I’d like to see the estimated time on my iPad for an item while looking at a list of tasks.

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Ken has been promising selectable columns for iOS, just like in the Mac version, for two years. So it should be coming, eventually.

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Custom lists on the Mac is news to me. Can someone point me in the right direction to learn how to do that? Thanks!

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When I go to Preferences>Layout>Custom Columns, it lets me choose what to see in the main window. But I suspect this isn’t what you were looking for. I probably used the wrong terms. Sorry, my friend.


Hey guys 🤓,

Yes I have this question as well. I know this is an old thread 😅.

I would like to change my layout to show custom columns on my iPad and iPhone.
I currently do not see a way to make this happen, so make that three years since the promise has been made. 😑

Its really a bother that the iOS version and the macOS version feel so disjointed.

Is this possible in OmniFocus 3 at least ?

Thanks guys 👽

I make some lists on my Mac (OF 3) to have no columns, just the name of the task. I would LOVE to do that with some lists on my iPhone and iPad. So I vote for custom columns, fluid or the normal layout on IOS. PLEASE

It would be hard to have custom layouts on an iPhone because the smaller screen size (even the iPhone X Max) would make it harder to display more than a couple of text fields.

It might be more likely to have custom layouts on an iPad layout though.

The week view on all calendar apps can scroll vertically and horizontally.
This could be possible on the iPhone in both Portrait and landscape for those who prefer this view.
On the iPad it would be even better.

I can’t speak on developer implementation difficulty or how useful it would be for all as this is subjective, but the option would certainly be great for many of us 👽
Tbh whole reason I invested in the apple ecosystem is to mitigate as much as possible UX dissonance between devices.

Just checking if this has become a thing. I’d like to see the duration column on iOS.