Custom perspective - excluding some tags

I have a custom perspective which shows available tasks from a project folder, which I use to look at all tasks for work.
All of the following:

  • Is not a project or group
  • Availability: Available
  • Contained within project or folder: Work

This is great, but I also use OmniFocus to record things for 1:1 conversations with people, which are not actions, but things that I add and record when my context is “with a specific person”. This is in a nested list of tags. So “With People : Steve”, “With People: Julie” etc.

What I want to do is exclude tags of these types, as they are not actually actions I can choose to work on.
I tried adding

  • None of the following:
  • Has Is tagged with any of “With People”

But this had the opposite to the expected effect, any only included those items that were tagged with the “With People” tag or it’s sub tags.

How can I achieve what I want?
To simplify the example here are three sample tasks, both contained within my work projects
Task 1
Project: Work > General
Tag: Email
Task 2
Project: Work > Project 1
Tag: Phone Call
Task 3
Project: Work > Project 1
Tag: With People > Steve

I want my perspective to show tasks 1 and 2 only.

You’re on the right track! My guess is that your second rule isn’t currently indented under the first, so it’s operating independently rather that being negated.

To fix that, try dragging the second rule on top of the first.

Hope this helps!

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According to them, it should actually work that tasks tagged with “With People” are not displayed. I suspect a structural problem as the reason why their wish is not being realized. The specification:

None of the following:
…Has tagged with any of “With People”

must be indented to the right so that it is interpreted as part of “None of the following”.

The strangest thing was that I dragged and indented the rule and it seemed to have no effect.
Then, to try and test some things out I duplicated the rule, at which point the duplicate and the first rule I’d changed both started working fine.
I have no way of explaining this!

Anyway, it’s working now.