Custom perspective filter seems off

here’s my perspective selection. i dont want it show tasks with a due date of tomorrow, however for some tasks it is for some reason.

i have some seemingly random tasks that have deferred dates of last week, due tomorrow at various times

why are they showing and how do i fix it?

Likely, it’s showing “due soon” items, which, to my knowledge, are not excluded from the “Due or Flagged” setting, though I think this should be changed also.

My workaround for things that are due on a given date and can only be done on that date (I have lots of these) is to set a defer date to the same day as the due date, which makes the task unavailable and therefore excluded from your perspective rules above.

Hope this helps, interested in hearing others’ approaches on this one.


i guess another work around is to make all due dates default to 11:59 pm. and since i have due soon equal to 24 hours, they wont show until i need them to.

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