Custom Perspective Icons

Some of you have seen these already, but figured I post them here too. I created a set of 50 perspective icons in a variety of colors. You can download the full set here.

Icon Screenshot


Awesome, thank you!

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This is exactly what I wish OmniFocus had included with its new release. I especially appreciate the different colors – (not just teal) – that match the new OmniFocus icon color palette.

Thank you very much for generously sharing these.

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I agree… very kind of you to release such professional and polished icons.

Very much appreciated.


Beautiful, thank you!

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These are fantastic icons, I found the link from MacSparky and have been using them since then.

I have a quick question for everybody though, not sure what happened, but my custom icons went away.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, I reset them up, but I was hoping to see them sync over to my iPhone and iPad.

I believe that I got them synced over in the past from OF1, not sure if it’s something on my end or not.

The first time I setup these new icons, I used the 2x versions so that they’d look nice on my MacBook Pro Retina, I had thought THAT might be the reason why they didn’t show up on the iPhone / iPad but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Scott,
They definitely should sync from OF2 for Mac to your iOS versions, though I should note the iPhone app only displays them on the dedicated Perspectives list; they aren’t shown next to Perspectives you’ve pinned to the home screen. You might want to contact support on that one.

I’m glad people are enjoying the icons. I should have some more added to the set soon!

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Very nice . . . thanks!

Somewhat off topic, but I’m curious if this is happening to anyone else. Note: I’ve already submitted a bug report about it, but it would be nice to know if it’s just me now so I can begin my own troubleshooting. Might be a while before Omni gets back to me with the high volume of emails they’re getting.

I noticed with the latest update (2.0.1) that my custom perspective icons are not persistent through either system reboots or OF closes and relaunch. To that effect, not just the icons shared here, but also the default Omni provided icons are not persistent, I only get the standard perspectives panes icon. This happening to anyone else?

Also, the icons are awesome, thank you for making/sharing them. Hopefully the issue I mentioned above is fixed soon so I can get back to enjoying them.

Hi Deaghean,

Yeah, the icons don’t appear to be syncing, (it’s probably because my iPhone has a certain beta installation on it).
I’m 2.0.1 on my Mac and 2.1.1 on my iPhone.

I just wanted to make sure that they would sync since I hadn’t set up anything in quite awhile.

Also KGFarrand, yeah, I had the same problem, I think that when I first setup the custom icons it was during one of the 2.0.1 test releases, so I kinda chalked it up to that being the problem. Since I just reenabled the icons yesterday and haven’t restarted OF 2 or my Mac so I don’t know if the problem will return.

Nicely done.

Aside: I don’t have a lot of call for executions in my line of work,
but I’ll see to what other use I can apply the guillotine.

Actually, that’s true of the baby bottle, too!

What do other people use some of these for?

Admittedly I only included the “guillotine” icon because it’s one of the options in Omni’s default set. But it’s a decent metaphor for very important tasks (“do this or you’ll lose your head!”).

I know they are based on the usual set.
The guillotine suits me more than the baby bottle! I thought the line was funny.

I was just trying to underscore that there are all these icons that are sort of vague & few associate with anything that tells me very much. I’m still trying to decipher what a few of them are, let alone apply them!

I use the little outhouse to toolshed (not sure what it is either) one for work related perspectives.

I have just found this post and even if it’s old I wanted to say a big thank you for this! These are great, I think this topic should be given as much visibility as possible.

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Thanks so much, Deva! Glad to hear you’re finding them useful!