Custom perspective in Watch app v4?

In OmniFocus 3 on iOS, “Watch & Today” has an option to show a custom perspective. Is there a way I’ve missed to do the same in OmniFocus 4?

Yes, OmniFocus 4 now has support for multiple custom perspectives on the app’s home screen rather than just one. The trick is that this is now configured within the watch app itself.

Open the watch app, tap its Settings icon, then tap Perspectives List. In this list, you can tap on any perspective to add it to your watch favorites, making it visible on the home screen.

Hope this helps!

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I see the issue, and I think it’s actually a different issue in the UI for settings.

When I first opened the Watch app, it had to sync my database. If I ever see anything like that in an app, I’ll usually start poking around in the app settings while it syncs. I can’t confirm this, but I think during that initial sync the only visible buttons were related to sync settings.

That makes some sense, because there’s no perspectives synced yet to select from. However, if the app had shown something like “Perspectives available after initial sync”, “Perspectives (syncing…)”, or even just a disabled button, I would have thought to check again later.

Regardless, having the full project list and database is a killer feature. I think new users or those with smaller databases wouldn’t have noticed this, since the sync would be faster.

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