Custom Perspective - more than X days since defer date

Setting up a new perspective for “time to bug someone on this”

I just can’t figure out how to set the perspective to show only items that are at least X days since deferred date.

My current plan is when I ask someone for something, I set the deferred date to the earliest I expect it to get back to me, so I can find the task and check it off when I get it. I’d like to not worry about it at all, until say… a week after that deferred date. At that point I’d like to check up and make sure the request hasn’t fallen into a black hole. So my thinking was a custom perspective, if tag = “waiting on” AND deferred date is at least 7 days ago. I can’t figure out how to do that last part.

OF doesn’t allow me to schedule when to actually do something, and I don’t want to go into overdue hell, I’d like to find a clean way to set this up. Thanks!

Not a perspective and not a particularly clean solution, but Shortcuts has an action that allows selection by tags and an off-set defer date. Something like this:

The Shortcut will display a list of any actions that match the criteria. Tapping on one of the list items will show that task in OmniFocus.

If no tasks match your tag/days-count criteria, an alert is shown to inform you.

You could also use a Shortcuts automation to send you an email daily with a list of tasks that meet the criteria and a link to the task(s):

There may be a way of doing this better in Omni Automation, but I haven’t started building automations in that yet.

This is just the bare bones, but hope it helps.