Custom perspective

I want to set up a custom perspective but cannot seem to get the logic working.

I want
Availability: available.
And any of:
Status: Due Soon
Status: Flagged
Tagged with [a tag I’ve set up]

Essentially I want a Perspective called ‘Do first’ that lists tasks with a flag, due soon or tagged with my tag, but which does not include the tasks I’ve completed.

In Excel Boolean this’d be AND ((Availability: Available), OR (Status: Due soon, Status: Flagged, Tagged with [tag]))

Does this make sense? I can’t seem to make it work in Omnifocus. The only workaround I’ve got it to delete tasks I’ve completed but that seems clumsy.


You specified quite clearly what you want.

This is what you specified:
Availability: Available (no dropped, no completed, no deferred with future date, no items with on hold tags or projects)
Status = Due Soon
Status = Flagged
Tagged with (

Thanks for the response.

Yep - but my issue is I cannot seem to indent (nest) the logic of the ‘Any of the following’ line (OSX) so I get these included in the ‘All of the following’ logic.

On Mac you option-click the “+” in the top right corner to create a nested condition

I just have an iPad, but no Mac. On the iPad you can use drag and drop. Maybe you can click and hold the rules you want to move and drag them onto the ‚Any of the following‘?

Thanks. I must be being really thick (am usually quite good at this stuff…) - I can’t see the “+” top right…

Drag and drop worked!!
Thanks very much!

My bad — that was how you did it in OF3! Sorry for confusing you