Custom Perspectives do not transfer with OF4 update? [Custom perspectives do sync, but favorites are defined independently]

I’m awaiting a reply from support; however, in the mean while, has anyone easily transferred their custom perspectives (that took me a LOT of time to create as a less experienced user with the help of a more experienced user) to the new OF4 Pro? All of my projects and tasks were dumped in Projects in the upgrade.

And for that matter how to sync perspectives created on one installation of OF4 to another - in my case from my desktop to my MacBook Pro; is it possible or do I have to re-create them manually on the second computer?

I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding your custom perspectives! Custom perspectives sync with your database, so anywhere your database goes your perspectives should go as well. OmniFocus 4 should see any perspectives defined in any earlier versions, including perspectives defined back in version 1.

But what might be confusing at first is that the list of favorite perspectives doesn’t sync, i.e. it’s independently defined on each device (and in each version of the app). This is by design, because we wanted people to have the flexibility to have different favorites on different devices.

Your favorite perspectives are the perspectives which are always included in your Perspective Bar, so if you’re looking in the Perspective Bar for your old perspectives you won’t find them until you add them to your list of favorites for the current device.

Where you can find them instead is in Quick Open—or in the Perspectives List, where you can also add them to your favorites:

  • On Mac, choose Show Perspectives List from the Perspectives menu (Control-Command-P).
  • On iPhone or iPad, tap the Quick Open button (bottom left), then tap Edit.
  • On Apple Watch, tap Settings (gear icon in top left), then tap Perspectives List.

In that perspectives list, you can drag your perspectives into any order (which does sync between devices), and you can tap or click on the Star icon to add a perspective to your favorites list for the current device, which will add it to the Perspectives Bar on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and add it to the home screen on Apple Watch.

Hope this helps!


fwiw, I find this feature valuable, because I create Perspectives for usecases that are specific to the form of the device (desktop, phone, and so on).

For example, on iOS, I limit favourited Perspectives to only what can be displayed without swiping to reveal.

On a tangential note, I’d personally find it useful for time allocation to have optional task number badges on Custom Perspectives, like badges on Inbox and Flagged. This feature would be more useful on mobile to me, rather than desktop, but both would be nice. (related, related)

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Thanks for the reply below, it worked.

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