Custom Perspectives: Needs Improvement (Contexts)

I’ve about given up on OF ever supporting priorities, despite a lot of requests.

I’ve been using Contexts as a priority - I find in 2016 they are otherwise useful because 100% of my tasks are the exact same context. But custom perspectives seems severely limited.

For example, I can group and sort by contexts, but not filter them. I was hoping to say “only show tasks which have this context (aka priority) and/or are flagged” but that is apparently impossible. And the sorting is only alphabetical.

Can we get a little more robust custom perspective support? Or, you know, priorities.

I think the ”Sidebar selection” part of the perspective settings will do the context filtering you are looking for.

If you have OmniFocus Pro upgrade, you can create a new perspective in the perspective editor. Make sure your perspective is set to “Don’t use project hierarchy”. This will be a context-based perspective.

Then you can use the sidebar select as @Jan_H indicated.

I have an Errands perspective in this sample screen shot. I selected the contexts for:
• Errands
• Office (Leaving)
• House (Leaving)

When I am leaving the house or the office, I look at my Errands perspective and see what I can do when I am outside. If I leave these two places, I make sure to check the Office (leaving) or House (leaving) to remind myself to bring something with me.

This perspective will show only these three perspectives.

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