Custom Perspectives not showing up on iPhone

I have two custom perspectives that work fine on Mac. On my sync’d iPhone, they don’t show up.

I do have Pro and All Perspectives shown. Any idea? Note that the Completed and Changed perspectives DO show up, but the two other ones I added don’t. I’m syncing just fine in the sense of tasks going back and forth…just not my searc…er, sorry, “perspectives”.

Did a search but…has nothing really changed in 2 years?

Project based perspectives do show up.

if you are at the home screen, drag your finger down to reveal the hidden menu functions. You can tap on “All Perspectives” to show all perspectives. Then you can hold down on one of the tiles and move the perspective tiles around.

Here are the instructions from the manual:


Found the problem - I was running the “Legacy Support Edition” (which checkmark icon) instead of black checkmark current edition. Problem fixed!


Thanks. Just what I was looking for

Can someone help a dummy like me understand this.

I thought I bought omnifocus 2 pro (on IOS v2.19.1)
It’s a purple icon with black tickmark - which I believe is NOT the legacy version…

The only perspectives I have showing are Completed & Changed. I can’t remember if this was a standard or custom perspective.

Those are standard in-built perspectives.

Custom perspectives would show up only if you’ve purchased the pro upgrade. You can check whether you have or not from the settings screen.

You can also make sure to click on “Restore purchases” to get back the pro features if you had purchased it earlier.

My perspectives were also not showing up in the Free-Viewer-Version. I had to purchase the Pro-Version first. Glad they are there still. I was already fearing that my most loved feature was broken.