Custom perspectives randomly lose drag handles in edit mode

Has anyone else experienced an odd bug where custom perspectives randomly lose drag handles and cannot be reordered? I’ve had this happen quite a bit on my iPad 2 since I bought the app a couple days ago. It’s not all of them, just some, and usually its either ones that are farther down the list or alternately all custom perspectives past the first one.

Here’s a couple of images. I couldn’t take a screenshot and had to take pics of the screen with my iPhone and mark them up in Evernote.

First, I opened OF and clicked the list icon at the top to enter perspective edit mode, and I only have drag handles for 3 of my 7 perspectives:

Then I clicked Done and then clicked the icon again, and this happened:

As you can see I now only have one drag handle. If I click Done and do it again, the number of handles changes again. If a handle does not appear I cannot move the perspective, but if I want to move them up I can hack around it by dragging ones with handles below the ones without. This may take trial and error and a few rounds of entering and exiting edit mode before I can even do this.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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yeah, I’ve had it happen to me too. Just have to have send an e-mail to try to bump up this bug to get fixed.

I also have to get out of edit mode and then get back into edit and pray that I get the 3-line handles to show up on the perspectives that I want to move.

Me too, although I can often move a row even without the handles.

@wilsonng that’s exactly what I have to do, go out and back into edit mode and hope the one I need randomly gets a drag handle.

@TheWart interesting, I’ve never been able to move a row without a handle, it just doesn’t respond at all. But I’ll keep that in mind and try again sometime.

Received a response from support at Omni. They know it’s a bug linked to iOS and are working on it as much as they can on their end. The rep suggested switching landscape to portrait and vice-versa to perhaps change the rows that can be moved as the display redraws.

Interesting. I just tried that and it seemed to help occasionally, but very intermittently.

While creating a new perspective I think I just stumbled on a (hopefully) viable workaround. After creating it I noticed the drag handles appeared for all perspectives again, and they remained after several cycles of “Edit / Done”. Then I realized I was still in the all perspectives view so I switched back to favorites and when I edited the perspective list from there the drag handles were messed up again. Switching back to the all perspectives view didn’t fix it this time.

Then I created a new perspective as a test to replicate the behavior but it didn’t replicate. So I went to delete it by clicking the red circle icon on the left and noticed when the perspective label slid to the left the drag handle suddenly appeared. This seems to be replicated every time I try it from either the favorites or all perspectives view.

So the workaround seems to be:

  1. Click the red delete disc on the perspective that doesn’t have a drag handle.

  2. The handle will appear when it slides left.

  3. Slide it right to cancel the delete and the drag icon will remain.

Doing this it seems I can now work around this issue every time. Hope this helps someone else!

PS I am on an iPad 2 with iOS 8.1.2.


Great bug testing! I’d suggest you email your findings to Omni directly from one of the apps. They’ll be sure to add it to their testing suite.