Custom stencils on MAC not working after update to 7.17.3

Since I updated to OG 7.17.3, all my custom stencils are not working anymore. I can see all the stencil files in the stencil window but I the single elements are not loaded anymore. There is just the spinning wheel is shown but not any graphic elements.

If I right-click on the stencil file, I can even edit the file. When I do any changes to the file and try to save it again, OG is asking if the file format should be converted to the new file format. Regardless if I say “yes” or “not now”, after closing the file it is still now showing its elements in the window. I hope this is somehow understandable.

Any advice?

I haven’t gotten to using stencils in 7.13.3 until just now but just tried it with 7.13.3B and get spinning wheel, too.

Same problem here. Since this program is basically 95% stencil interaction, this update has completely broken the program for me. Maybe you (omni) want to revert to .2 and fake it as .4 so we “update” back to a functional revision?

edit: wow, I can’t even roll it back manually because the prior revision isn’t even available. My fault for trusting an upgrade in the AM, eh?

+1 experiencing the exact same issue.

I just sent an email to support, referencing this thread. Hoping to hear back soon.

I sent them a quick video of the problem and got this back:

Hello, and thanks for reporting this problem!

The issue that you’re encountering one is that we’re aware of, and we’re actively working on making a fix for it available now. If this is blocking your use of the app, the quickest way to resolve the problem will be to download the prior version that isn’t affected by this problem using this link:

I have other issues with 7.17.x so will drop back to 7.16 which has been good for me.