Custom Style Text Background color not persistent after save/reopen


First, I can’t tell how much I love Omni software (all of them, on all devices, synced by OmniPresence).

Here is my issue :

Having set up a custom style (named “Code” ) for code snipet in my outliner, I want this style to make code appear in rectangular black background. I got this awaited result at the moment I set the style to “Code” on the
select code text.

But after closing and reopening the same outliner document, it appears like in the second screenshot.

As you see, The black background is not rectangular anymore.

Is this a bug (I think so : Saving/Reopen shouldn’t change document rendering, in my point of view) ?

PS : I tried to upload the outliner document showing the issue but didn’t succeed (Seems only one attachement is allow on the forum)