Cut/Paste graphics from iPad OG into PowerPoint?

Has anyone found a good way to cut and paste into PowerPoint on the iPad yet?

I thought this used to work, tried it today, couldn’t get anything to cut and paste

I believe you can use “Copy as Image” from the Share button and then paste that into PowerPoint.

I am trying this again (copy from OmniGraffle on iPad, paste into PowerPoint).

Still doesn’t work!

It seems obvious that this is an important workflow, anyone figure it out?

Drag & Drop is supported from both the canvas and the sidebar in both directions. I thought the article at was helpful in describing how drag & drop works on iPad and iPhone.

Please feel free to contact us if we can provide more specific help. You can also use the Share button if you want to send documents to Files, iCloud, or other applications which are supported. I’d recommend using the Share button if you need to control what format is going to PowerPoint. More info at

Nope, dragging from OmniGraffle into PowerPoint (side by side mode) did not work on the iPad.

This is really too bad!

If you have the latest version of PowerPoint, it should support drag and drop according to, but it appears the support is limited on the PowerPoint side.

The notes for PowerPoint specify that they support drag and drop between Office Apps and OneDrive (rather than Files), but do not say if they support dragging from other applications. You may want to request image drop support from other iOS applications to the PowerPoint team at Microsoft. I’m not sure what the limitations are on the PowerPoint side, because it appears that they do not fully support Files and Photos iOS drag and drop the way that OmniGraffle does.

Please reach out to support if we can help at