Daily-log to email

Hello everybody.

Quick question.

I need to get an email from OmniFocus (every morning) with my daily log.

Simply said - I need to see a list of my tasks on a particular day in my email. Usually, I forgot to open OmniFocus every morning and would be extremely useful if I get an email with my task. Does anybody deal with this? Thanks

I think you can do this on iOS with the new OF action “find items” you might need to amend how you tag/flag but it looks like it’s possible. Also the coming Omni automation should allow things like this to be done.

That said I would perhaps suggest this is not so much a feature needed as a change of routine/mindset on your part?

Perhaps ask yourself something along the following…

  • Why do you forget to open OF, are the tasks it contains not important?
  • Do you have resistance to the OF interface?
  • Does OF perhaps need the data restructuring so you want to open it?
  • Do you trust OF to give you the information you need in the correct formats?

I have found OF works best if you absolutely rely on it, home, office, projects, errands, deferred email tasks etc they all go into OF so it’s the first thing I open in the morning and the last think I clear at end of work day.

Build a routine checklist for the morning (in OF) that you follow, check mail, drink to much coffee, clear bucket app inbox etc etc. Also create a dashboard for the day, “meta tasks” linking to a specific project you need to do today reduces visual clutter in the dashboard for example (1 task to visit project instead of perhaps 10-15 showing from the actual project)

I have said it before but I would absolutely recommend @Kourosh’s book “Creating flow with Omnifocus” adapt that system to your specific needs as I did and it will make OF indispensable.

Hope that helps…

You could use the Shortcuts app on iOS to make a daily log. I use a shortcut which I found somewhere on the omni website (blog on latest iOS version?) which makes a log of your completed tasks in the notes app, from where you could copy / paste in a mail.

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