Daily repeating task list issue

Hi All

I am trying to create a daily repeating task list. The idea is that I will check off these tasks as i complete them during my morning ritual with the understanding that each checked off task will not reappear until midnight to show the next instance.

All tasks have the same properties i.e. Defer until 0:00 due at 06:00 and repeat daily.

I have created a perspective which focuses on the project under which these tasks are included and it is filtered to show available tasks. I would expect it to show all tasks due at 06:00 today. However, only the first task shows in the perspective view when I select it. If I change the view to show Remaining tasks, it does show all the tasks. So the ā€œFirst Availableā€ and ā€œAvailableā€ view options display exactly the same tasks.

However, if a task is checked off, in the ā€œavailableā€ view the next instance immediately appears. Since the tasks are set to repeat each day, I would expect it to not appear once it has been checked off until midnight of the current day.

Am I missing something? Any advice would be appreciated.


A couple questions / thoughts:

Is your project set to parallel or sequential? If sequential, OF will only show the first task (as the subsequent ones depend on you completing the first). That might explain why you only see Task A.

If so, try setting the project to parallel.

I would also suggest setting the defer/due/repeat in the properties of the project itself, not the individual tasks.

As another (or additional) option, try setting the repeat to ā€œdefer anotherā€, which will have the benefit of only adding the task for tomorrow, whenever you complete it. You know, in case you miss a day. ;-) This you might have to set individually per task though.

Someone else might have better or other ideas. Let us know what works!

@Beemerang Your plan seems like it should work. Would you mind showing us a screenshot of the repeat section of the inspector for one of these actions before and after you complete it?

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Hi devynosborne

I feel pretty stupid! This should have been the first thing I checked! In OF1 my setup defaulted to parallel and I forgot to check this once I upgraded! Thanks so much!

Thanks for the response lizard! devynosborneā€™s suggestion sorted it.