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hey all,

I need some help, not sure what I did to my Omnifocus setup. I was trying to clean/organize things, it’s possible I may have deleted something. In any case, I decide to start over in one of the areas of my life. New Folder called “My Reviews” (haven’t picked a name yet). It contains 2 projects, a Daily Review that happens each morning, and a Weekly Review, happens on Sunday night, contains a bunch of things I need to do before starting my day or week.

The Forecast view is not consistent across the devices, so I am not sure what happened or if the project was setup correctly.

When I go to Forecast on my iPhone…I get 2 sections, tasks that are Due and Deferred for that day. However, on my iPad and Mac…I only see the ‘Due” stuff.

If you see another way of doing this, let me know….here’s what I want to do….

Project: Daily Review
Tasks are: Process Inbox, Process ABC, Review ABC
All tasks need to be displayed each morning between the hours of 8am-9am when I will do them before anything else in the world. They are done while my kids are eating breakfast.

Sounds like you’re getting a good setup going.

We can offer this experience:

  • “Review triggers” are best placed in your calendar app. Why?: The least amount of actions available in life is ideal. With this method, if your review is missed (will be often), there will be no clean-up, no task-residue. The best case is that you build a lizard-brain habit for reviews. It can take years to develop naturally - but it’s “worth it” and will be life-changing.
  • Configure your devices so that the Forecast view works consistently across devices. Why?: It’s about building trust with your system above all else. It sounds like you are close. Keep at it.
  • Use the “Due” setting sparingly and for highly-consequential tasks. Why?: Trust us.
  • To make highly-specific work rise onto your work session (8am - 9am) consider using the “Defer” feature.
  • Lastly, the fact that you are trying to improve your review process indicates good productivity hygiene. Keep trying to get good at reviews. Tip: lots of time will be spent preparing your perfect work condition. It’s ok and good to do this.

Keep reviewing, keep organizing, and keep acting on your priorities. Your behavior will compound into meaningful results.

Be careful what you plan for. Magic is possible.

Team Minus

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IIRC, the default behavior for the Forecast perspective is to have only the due tasks show. You can show others, though.

Look at the set-up for the Forecast perspective. On the Mac, I see a Show deferred items option. It sounds like you have that set the way you want it on the Mac, but not on the mobile devices.

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