Daily Task List View

Is there a way to view a daily task list ?

I know I can filter the Gantt (Starts today or earlier, and ends today or later) to get a visual view of it, but it would be great to be able to view just what’s happening, as a list, on a given day/week/month …

I played around with importing a project into Omnifocus, via Omnioutliner format. But felt that updating 2 apps constantly was not what I was up for.

@brettfeeney OmniPlan doesn’t currently offer this type of dedicated task list functionality, sorry! The best way to approximate a daily task list is by filtering tasks in OmniPlan or by exporting a subset of your tasks as you described. We do however have an open feature request for simple task list functionality in OmniPlan - I’ll attach your comments so that the rest of the team is aware that you would find this helpful as well!