DARK THEME for OmniFocus (iPhone, Mac, iPad)


why isn’t Omni Group developing a Dark Theme for OmniFocus?

The new iPhone app is nice,
but a too much bright background design.

I don’t get it,
why so many apps must have such a lightish Background/Design, after iOS 7 Release?
Everywhere: White…white…white.

I hope Omni Group will thing about it
and give customers the choice to choose a different theme.

A dark theme is better to read and very eye friendly,
and it looks fabulous with the combination with Colors.

See it for yourself:

Week Calendar App for iOS:

Black Theme:

See --> Week Calendar Standard Theme

What do you think about it?


I would like it to :)

Why not simply use “Invert colors” from the settings menu? I assigned it to triple click on the home button and it does the trick quite well…

Good tip Jelden.

Works well :)

The Dark mode is discussed as one of the things coming for OmniFocus for iOS.


And @kcase posted a screenshot!

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I’m glad you made it. :)

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