Data Density, Padding, Whitespace

I’m looking for a way in OF 4 to get more whitespace/row padding, less data density. I like the column view because I can have it less cluttered. But then my options are small font and everything (to my brain) squished together or larger (clunky) font to get more whitespace. Comparing Reminders to OF with a similar font size on my Mac, I get 11 OF tasks in the same height as 8 in Reminders. Some see this as a feature but it’s not pleasant to me. I don’t care about the horizontal lines in Reminders (I don’t think), but I appreciate the breathing room.

I’ve been around (off and on) since OF 1. I seem to remember I had a script once upon a time that helped with this. I’ve done some searching and come up dry. Can someone point me to a way to remedy this. I will submit a feature request.