Dataloss after cleaning up from forecast view

I’ve been working through and cleaning up a long list of overdue items today (from the forecast view). Now for some reason (at least) one of my projects (I have many), is lost. I’m certain that I did not delete it. I only ticked off on a bunch of overdue items (including several items in the project that has now disappeared) and adjusted the due date on other items. The project does not show up in the Project view, and also not in the drop down menu when selecting a project for an action. And it does not show up when I try to search for it. It’s gone.

I know there are backups and stuff, but I already invested about two hours going through these items which had been overdue for way too long. And the lost project has over 60 items (I can still see them on my iPad which hasn’t been synced since it is in airplane mode).

I would appreciate any help recovering that lost project. What would be the recovery procedure, that would retain my work today and still get back the lost project??? Is there any way?

What could be the cause of this? It has me worried that my data isn’t safe.

:) Hein

I’m very sorry for the trouble.

This sort of issue is challenging to troubleshoot on the forums. It’s probably best if you contact (or possibly so one of our Support Humans can work with you one-on-one to get this resolved.

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