Date for commencing a task

Is there a way for a task with due date (deadline) on January 31, 2018, for example, to show up in today list on, say, January 15, 2018?

A number of my tasks are due about a month from now (these are actual, legal deadlines, so I have to use due date). But I want to start some of them well before that due date. Is there a way to schedule them on specific days before the due date? Defer doesn’t work because in the above example, it’d just hide the task till Jan 15 and on Jan 15 still won’t show it in “today”. Using duration of task won’t work either.

I don’t want to have to see all the several dozen tasks every day to decide what to do today (which is what flagging might do); I’d much rather only see “today” most of the time. Is there a way to do it?

I have two suggestions.

  • Defer the task(s) until Jan 15 and flag it/them.
  • Create a task called “start on Project X”. Set it due Jan 15.


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Alternatively, if you are looking to specifically schedule work, a calendar might be a better fit for that than OF?


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Thanks for the replies.

Defer and flag is the easiest, but it’d hide the actual task from the due date until the defer date, which is fine in most cases unless I need to look at the date (Jan 31) to plan something on it or take the day off.

The reference task workaround does the job, but it requires extra work and creates duplicate tasks. But I suppose I can delete the task on the day (Jan 15), as if it were just a reminder. I think that’s what’s missing - a reminder or notification on an arbitrary date for a specific task.

ScottyJ, I’m not mentally prepared yet for the calendar to show a date that’s not due date, but you’re right, it could be used for scheduling, or I could use it or an external reminders app with the link to OF task.

Really appreciate the suggestions. I think I could make 'em work (until OF gets that reminder option).

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