Date math or plug-in architecture?

This is a request I’ve made from OmniOutline 2.0 on.

I can’t tell you how much I desperately need some kind of simple plug
in architecture for OmniOutliner. I’ve given up that you will put
any kind of math or date arithmetic directly into the program
(although you already have the code in OmniPlan and OmniFocus), but
at the very lease please allow me to call out to an Objective C
routine (or applescript, bash script, or whatever) to return a display value.
The passed value can be as simple as the text in a column or object
so I can return a different text to display (TextReturnedForDisplay
= MyRoutine(paramter). Better would be an object that I can put
into a paragraph that has this kind of functionality (just as you
insert images in a sentence, but in this case, the displayed info
is dynamic).

The purpose of OmniOutliner is to organize and manipulate text and
data. I really need the kind of dynamic dates that OmniFocus can
display. I want to be able to enter a birthdate and have
myfunction return their current age. Or I need to put a deadline
date in and have myfunction return “How many days or hours to go”.
Or if something has occurred I need OmniOutliner to keep track of
how many days it’s been.

This is all for medical usage, it is relatively simple stuff (I
know… “it all is”), but you can see how useful it would be for
planing any kind or project or workflow. This is the first update
to the program in forever and I don’t anticipate another in my
useful lifetime ;-)
I’ve been a user since OmniOutliner 1.0, (and used MORE before that,
and ThinkTank before that – if you guys can go back that far with
outliner programs).

Please consider some mechanism for this. Even if it’s just the
ability to call out to an applescript to put text inside a