Date Picker for web version

I know the web version isn’t meant to be full featured, but I wish there was a date picker for assigning due dates. Anybody with me on this?

+1 it would be a great addition.

You mean this? Mine has it on the Due Date and Deferred Date fields in Inspector.

But no date picker on the task list table. So you’d need to keep the Inspector open to use date picker.

Yet when I start a new task,and select the calendar, a date of at least two weeks prior to today is already selected - this is based on … what?

It does seem to make sense for at least the current date to be “highlighted.” Or am I missing something?

Thank you :)


I have found that using the date picker in the inspector is very frustrating: frequently there is already a date selected when i click on the calendar object button anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks behind the actual current date. Can this be fixed to show the current date, @omnigroup ?

Thank you