Date Posted, which year?


Hi, just been looking at some older posts and noticed the date posted has no year, it just 12 Apr.

I know these are all 2014 as this is a new forum but just wondering what will happen when the date is not the current year will it suddenly have the year on it?

Just curious



I also was confused by this. It seems you don’t post year on replies.

I scrolled to the bottom of a long thread, to determine the date of the last post, and no year was listed. It was one of several replies, so i had to slowly scroll up search for the post to which they replied, to find the year.

This is inconvenient. I appreciate your design philosophy of simplicity, but simplicity at the sacrifice of convenient access to information creates more effort for end-users.

Please display year in all forum posts, including replies.



+1 for including year in the date-stamp of posts that were not made in the current year. The current set-up is silly.


I complained about this, again, a few weeks ago. I really don’t understand why this hasn’t been done. As a database programmer, I know it’s a simple switch. Should be.


I see the year on all the older posts e.g. in this thread the original was created June 2014, a reply April 2016, another on May 2016, and finally on December 27 (this year). The dates appear to the right of the poster’s username and also in a slider on the right of the page.


yes, It is very curious.


Oh, god — the use of 2-digit years in post’s date-stamps. No! Does no one at Omni Group remember Y2K‽ Please give us 4-digit years so it can be easier to ignore ancient/irrelevant posts!