Date Range Search

Is there a way to build a perspective that shows my completed tasks in a date range? I am thinking that I would create a perspective and then add a custom search criteria to the perspective.



Hi @matthewbaldwin! Neat idea.

Unfortunately, OmniFocus doesn’t currently support date range searches or filters in perspective settings. The closest you might be able to get is the built-in Completed perspective, which groups tasks by increasingly broad date ranges (“today,” “yesterday,” “last week,” “last month…”).

If date range searches would be useful to your workflow, we’d love to know more! Sending an email to our support team helps us keep track of these sorts of requests internally.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Does this help?

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Hi @TheWart,

This doesn’t really meet the need. Thank you for responding!

@tekl, I will do that. The requirement is to support weekly reporting which seems to be common ask on the forums. The only answers seem to resolve around scripting a solution.

To solve this problem,

I export a custom completed view to a CSV, import into Excel, create a column that has the following. =DATEVALUE(LEFT(J3,10)) to get the completion date from the Omnifocus “Completion Date” field (this column has date and time) and then create another column with the following Excel Macro =IF(I7>=DATE(2017,1,23),“Yes”,“No”)

It can be all scripted of course, I was just looking for something from the app to give me the date range. I am not really concerned about the time component at this point.

Since I am trying to make Omnifocus my task system of record, it would be nice to have some basic manipulation date and time.