Date setting from dd/mm/yy to yy/mm/dd

I’m using Omni Focus 2 on Macbook Pro.
when I add new action,
I want to set “due” as “2017/02/05”
but if I type “2017/2/5”, it is shown as

I don’t want this.
I want it as “2017/02/05”

Where can I arrange my setting as above?

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I believe the date format is set by the System Preferences overall. Open the Language & Region settings and then open the Advanced settings in it.



I’m not sure where the original poster is from so can’t actually parse that date myself.

But maybe it’s better to use month names - “2 sep 2017” or whatever it was - that being unambiguous.

I work with USAns a lot (being in the UK myself). The non-hierarchical date format the USA uses has caused a lot of confusion. But 30 years in I know subconsciously about that bear trap and translate. :-)

thank you.
I could solve.

Im from Japan (where American English is taught and ruled by US mil bases).
We write 16/12/03 or 16.12.03 and this is clear for us, not “Sat 3 Dec”
I could fix this problem by setting my Mac’s System Preference.

OK. So flexibility is the important thing here. If your way works then good. If not maybe it needs accomodating.