Date shortcuts not working: SHOULD BE FIXED NOW


I love the date short cuts that are usually available. However, this is not working reliably right now.

##Defer Until

  • entering a 1w results in the appropriate date 1 week ahead
  • attempting to enter the word “tomorrow” results in no text being entered.
  • attempting to type in a month/date (august 1" results in no text being entered.

-same as Defer Until

  • also notice: typing letters results in no entry, but characters and numbers will enter (though dates aren’t correct)

I’m using build 208044 and I don’t have any issues with the examples you provided. Are you using the build 208044?

There’s a known issue with these shortcuts in the inspector. Is that what you mean, or are you having this issue in the main outline?

My results were based on the main outline window not the inspector.

I’m using the version downloaded today (v86.0.208087) and I can’t type in any days of the week i.e. “Thursday” or “tomorrow” into the Inspector. In fact, typing any alphabetic character is ignored. “3d” works fine though.

Typing “tomorrow” inline in the action itself is absolutely fine though.

Having the same issue for the last two days. Submitted a bug report mid day Monday when the inspector natural language broke.

I noticed this exact issue earlier this week, but I can no longer replicate it on r208120.

Same issue with the inspector over the last two days. Still not fixed in r808141.

One of the comments in the release notes was that they have removed a lot of the keyboard shortcuts, I was able to add it back in the system keyboard settings.

This thread is about typing things like “tonight” into the date fields and getting a useful date out of it–which will is fixed in r208187 (coming very soon).

ah gotcha, yeah noticed that too but thought it was just me.

Excited this now works. I’m loving version 2 more and more. I’ll be purchasing the Pro version when available.