Dates and Custom Perspectives

Hello, OF folks.

Here is what I would like to be able to do, but I am not sure it’s possible. Perhaps you can help. I would like a Perspective that shows me all the actions that are due/require my attention (so, perhaps have a relevant Defer date) in two time frames, one being ‘This Week’ and the other ‘Next Week’. Right now, I populate these manually, but I’m thinking there has got to be a way to have this done automatically, using Due/Defer dates in a Custom perspective. But the granularity of the sort options does not seem quite specific enough.

Anyone else try to do something like this? Can I extend the power of Custom Perspectives with AppleScript?

Thanks in advance,

I should add that the Forecast Perspective kind of does this, but suppose I have something due on Monday this week, and I don’t get to it on Monday. Then on Tuesday it disappears from Forecast, unless I update its deferral date. I suppose I could use the end of week as a Deferral date, but then Forecast suggests that these actions are not really on my agenda until the end of the week, when I want them to be something I work on that week, beginning on Monday.

What I would really like to be able to do is to have a Perspective which I can sort based on a range of dates (this week, say), sorted by earliest date, rather than something more general. And Forecast does not offer that. Maybe this is a plea for more control over the Forecast perspective?

I would like to choose a perspective, which includes a focus on a particular folder, and then be shown a list of tasks in three categories: 1. past due 2. due today and 3. due soon - for tasks within the focused folder.

In Omnifocus 1, I could almost do that by choosing a perspective and then clicking on the calendar or date button. The focus would be retained and past due, due today and due soon tasks would be shown. Now, in Omnifocus 2, choosing a perspective will bring up the right project folder, but clicking on the Forecast tab discards the focus and shows all overdue, due today and due soon task for all folders. I haven’t found a way to retain focus when I move to calendar.

If I manually focus on a folder and choose calendar, focus is retained when I select the Forecast tab. Does anyone know how to retain focus when perspectives are used?