Dates are off by 10000 years when using ISO 8601 calendar


I am using OmniFocus 3.4.5 test (v128.29 r337506) (more details below [1])

I am seeing due dates like “Nov 12019” … seemingly 10000 years into the future.

I know I can procrastinate, but… ;-) … When I enter my due date as 11/15/19 I end up with a year 12019


I have macOS 10.14.5, and a system preference -> lang/region -> calendar : ISO 8601

Any ideas on what’s happening here and how to deal with this?

I’m happy to file a more formal issue and help debug. I did find something mentioning a potentially related matter [2], but hit a dead end with any other options relative to that.



[1] Build details:

Product: OmniFocus-3.4.x
Date: 2019-11-14 10:55:15 -0800
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 337506


OK, so flipping the macOS system preference -> lang/region -> calendar from ISO 8601 to Gregorian … seems to address the issue … now when I input dates I don’t get an extra 10,000 years added until they are due.

This might be a workaround as I still need to decide if I’m happy switching from ISO 8601 and what other consequences that might have, but wanted to share this ASAP.

Hi Stephen,

I’m afraid this is a known issue in OmniFocus with date parsing while using the ISO 8601 calendar. I’ve added you to the open bug report for this in our tracker to let the team know you’ve encountered this. Unfortunately, the only workaround we can suggest for the foreseeable future would be to not use the ISO 8601 calendar.

For better or worse, our development process tries to ensure that our finite development time is spent on the changes that the greatest numbers of customers will benefit from. We haven’t heard from very many users who have their devices configured to use that calendar, so I can’t predict when we might be able to add support for it. Our apologies for the disruption and inconvenience this causes.

Our team only checks this forum periodically between our other responsibilities, so if any other users with this issue come across this thread in the future, please email our support team at to let us know that you’re affected by this. The forums are a great place for community discussion, but if you’re having a problem with our software, the best way for us to investigate issues or provide technical assistance would be over email. Thank you!

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