De-selecting Projects/Contexts

If I am in Projects or Contexts (or a Perspective) and I select a particular Project/Context from the side list, I’ll see only the tasks under that Project/Context.

How can I then unselect it so I can go back to viewing all the Projects/Contexts?

A Command+A will do it, but then it actually highlights EVERYTHING, rather than unselecting the item in the side list that I just selected?

This is what comes to mind for me, but there may be more methods.

1 - You can CMD+Click a Project/Context to add/remove a highlighted Project/Context.

2 - You can click in the blank areas above or below your entire Projects/Contexts list.


If you click on a sidebar tab which is already active, it will reset its sidebar selection and search filters to their default state. (For Projects and Contexts, that’s empty. For a custom perspective, it’s whatever you’ve defined for that perspective.)