Dealing with Omnifocus lock on a new Mac

Looking for some help. I just got a new Mac, using migration assistant to move Omnifocus. I am a relatively new user of the product and far from expert at this point. Now when I try to open Omnifocus on the new Mac I get the message:
"Unable to lock document
The lock was taken by ‘myusername’ on myusername’s MacBook Air on 11/20/16 at 3:3but 6pm.
You may override this lock but doing so may cause the other application to loose data if it is still running.

I don’t recall ever invoking a lock in omnifocus. Checking shows the license to be valid on the new machine.

I couldn’t find any explanation of what is meant by lock and am hoping someone hear can offer some clarification.

Do I need to delete and reinstall the app on the new machine. Do I need to delete it from the old machine.
What am I doing to invoke a lock.
My goal is to keep omnifocus synched between my laptop, desktop, and iOS devices.

Thanks for any clarification.

The lock file serves to prevent a single OmniFocus for Mac database being open and active by multiple users/machines at once.

It sounds as though you migrated from the old Mac when OmniFocus was open on that machine. Presuming you’re not doing any complicated database sharing between machines, it should be safe to override the lock on the new Mac.

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Thanks. That sounds like the answer. I’ll see if overriding the lock works. Perhaps I should try backing up on another machine first.