Death of the Estimated Time field? [Restored! Now available in all editions of OmniFocus.]

These fields don’t exist on either iOS version and now the column for that field is removed in OmniFocus 2 for the Mac. I see that you can access the field in the inspector, but when confronted with a list of 10 items, it was real useful for me to see the estimated time for each task at a glance. Currently, I have to select each item and view the Estimated Time field in the inspector.

PLEASE put the Estimated Time column back and also add that field to both iOS versions. Thanks!


I used to like this too. It was always a pretty good procrastination killer - when you could easily see the time things took in list view they would often feel less daunting, and therefore get done :)


I submitted this as a request as well. The estimate should be integrated with the calendar in the forecast mode. If I have a meeting one day for 3hrs, and 10 tasks planned, all with an estimate of 3 hrs, that day should be marked as ‘hot’ or maybe impossible ;) With that feature, I would easily see if I try to plan a day to full.


I also like to see the estimate when viewing a list of possible tasks to attack.


Omniguys: Can you comment on this?


AOL: me too.

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We aren’t deliberately trying to kill off the Estimated Time field.
We also aren’t going to make it more prominent before 2.0 ships, but we’ll keep this preference in mind for future updates.


They have summaries for the number of tasks now. It would be so useful to have a summary of estimated time…


Just trying out OF2, and it’s excellent, but I have to say I also would really find the Estimated time field useful, both when creating a task without having to go over to the Inspector, and as a sortable column / field when in the different views.


I miss the time field. It was a useful way to mark 2 minute tasks that you could then group together.



Estimated time is a handy feature to have.


Im also missing it. :( I did daily review with this. And now its done. :(


I also use this field extensively. PLEASE RESPOND Omni-ists, so we know you have heard us!


I saw this AFTER I asked for a response. Thanks, lizard!

Never used this feature myself but it looks like one that would be useful for some.

Would love to hear more about what happened to this feature (discontinued, or on hold).

+1 for me, another person evaluating OF2. About the only thing I’m missing from Toodledo (Web version) is the line-by-line display and entry. It would be nice to be able to control which fields are inline for display and entry`, but it looks like Estimated Time is the only important omission.

On a related note, it would be very nice to have more choices for Status values. Toodledo supports several others that are quite useful. (Waiting, Reference)

I would also like to see the Time Estimate field introduced to the iOS devices, and made more prominent on OmniFocus 2 - or at least be provided a work-around workflow. The Time Estimate field is useful when you only have so much time available and you want to have a look at tasks that you can quickly get done.


What is the purpose of the time field?
Does it show up in any reports? When I move a task to iCal it takes an hour upo irrespective of the time field I filled in.

This link below could be a possible workaround to the lack of Estimated Time field in iOS OmniFocus.

Include tags in the Note field of actions that reflect Estimated Time to complete, then within OSX OmniFocus create Perspectives based upon the text-based tags and save the perspectives accordingly. The new estimated time perspectives will then be available for use within iOS OmniFocus - after synchronisation.


Sometimes you have just a few minutes to do something. It’s fine to have perspective with this short tasks. (It’s possible to do it in OF2, but I don’t see estimated times with every task. I have to use Inspector) OR I have some priority tasks and I want to know how much time I have to reserve to do them. I used this estimated time everyday in daily review.