Death of the "show full hierarchy" option

I have a hierarchy that have the same context name at different levels (waiting, next, someday), this is crucial for planning in project mode.

Will you guys bring it back? or is it gone forever?

it really makes the project view half useless for those situations.

There seem to be plenty of room for that in the new interface.

If the decision is to completely remove that, than please let us know …


Can someone at the omnigroup answer at least if it is going to be added or not?

I do not know about others, but for me it is a major roadblock from using the new version.

Not having it in place essentially makes the same context name for different contexts useless.

A scenario:

— name1
------- waiting for
------- discuss with
— name2
------- waiting for
------- discuss with
— name3
------- waiting for
------- discuss with

Becomes a bunch of “waiting for” and “discuss with” when looking at it on the project level (waiting for whom? discuss with whom?)

Other than that, LOVE the new interface.

A workaround I’ve used is to just use the person’s name as a context. But then I’ll add an acronym to the title:

Context: Charlie

Task Title “WF: budget projections for 2015” — acronym for waiting for

Task Title “DW: workshop finances for 1st Quarter” — acronym for discuss with

I don’t really worry about “waiting for” or “discuss with”. I know that I have an agenda item with Charlie. I can always use the search bar to look for "WF: " or "DW: ".

But i do miss the option of showing the full hierarchy.

Well, it is an “ok” work around … but you are loosing the separation between the different types. Take a look at my screenshot …

The question is … why would we need a workaround in the first place ? that used to be part of of1 … and the new design has plenty of room to show the full hierarchy …


Can anyone from Omnigroup can at least reply if this feature is going to be added back or not?

Adding to the list. This is also a showstopper for me. Hope it’s resolved soon.