Debug URL Scheme for iOS version

In the iPhone version, I could change the OO language with the debug URL scheme. But in the iOS version, the debug URL scheme is useless.

My iPhone’s language is Simplified Chinese but the Simplified Language of OO is not very well, So I want to change the language of OO without change my iPhone’s language to English.

Would you mind posting the exact URL that you’re trying to use? There may have been some changes in that scheme that we can look into, but we’d need to know what URL is broken first. Thanks!

The URL scheme I used is:


But Now in the iOS version, this scheme is useless and Safari tell me it is not a valid URL.

I am sure this URL scheme will do nothing about launch app or resume app. This URL scheme just start the debug mode and change the language of OO and give me an alert. And then the app will re-launch.

Ah, I think I see what’s happened here: the Universal app disabled the x-omnifocus-debug scheme altogether. URLs in that scheme are generally meant for internal use during development.

When they have more general use, like in this case, you should still be able to make use of them by changing the format of the URL a bit. Give this one a try:


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Thank you! This works for me.