Declined events showing in Calendar portion of Forecast view

If you decline an event it is still showing in the calendar part of the Forecast view. At least for a Google Apps account. They are gone from iCal. Example:

@mate Just a heads up. I reported that via email and they said it was on the bug list.

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I have a few invitations that were created as repeating daily my mistake. I declined the invitation, and the greater has since fixed the event, but they live on in OmniFocus for Mac clogging up every single day in the future in Forecast view. This makes the Calendar feature of Forecast View completely unusable for me. I don’t know why this bug has not been fixed, if it has existed for so long.

GlobalHighlander - I’ve been in touch with the developers. The difficulty was in reproducing the bug. I was able to help them do that (I think this is only affecting recurring events that have been canceled) and I’m hopeful we’ll see a fix soon.

I hope so. I don’t know why they have not fixed this yet. It is quite annoying and makes the calendar feature useless for me.

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I was trying to figure out why I had so many phantom appointments in the Forecast view, but not in either of my iCloud and Google calendars. I’m guessing that this is still on the bugs list.

It does rather interfere with the usefulness of this view.

Interestingly, this doesn’t affect the iOS app, just the desktop app.

I’ve solved half of this problem; the ones in my google calendar were events that had been automatically added from gmail and declined but not removed.

Relevant help page from google if you want to disable auto-add.

I had the same problem on my Mac and only with omnifocus: some kind of asian character sentence appearing for months, with a list of invites suggesting for sure a spam invite.

It appeared that it was an iCloud calendar event which was declined. But whereas declined iCloud events do not show in the iCloud calendar, they do remain saved in the iCloud calendar (you can view them under declined invites). Somehow Omnifocus manages to reveal these kind of items from iCloud. I hope the developers can remove this include.

I managed to solve the issue by removing the invite from the iCloud calendar “declined invite lists”.

In case it’s helpful for anyone else, here’s how I resolved this problem.

An old event that was no longer active was showing up in my Forecast view - annoying because it was a daily event, cluttering my true forecast of commitments. But it wasn’t visible in my Gmail or Calendar calendars. I don’t know for sure but I believe that the event originator had long ago deleted/cancelled this meeting…I suspect it was still showing up in my calendar maybe because I had declined it before he later cancelled deleted it?

Anyway, here’s what I did that resulted in removing it from my Forecast view:

  • on my iPhone iOS Calendar, i changed the setting to Display Declined Events - it then appeared there
  • Calendar then allowed my to change my response to it from Declined to Accept
  • once I Accepted it, it disappeared from Calendar, and ouila, also from OmniFocus Forecast


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Like some other people said, make sure you are viewing declined events. I know on my mac if I decline an event, it will disappear unless I delete it. If I delete it before declining it, it sometimes only does the first step, and I still have to delete it.

this was driving me crazy. In iCal, go to View > Show Declined Events. then all the declined events show up in grey and if you delete them (all occurrences) they go away in Forecast view. problem solved.

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