Decoupling Effort and Duration in Omniplan 4?

Does anyone know if Omniplan 4 allows Effort and Duration to be decoupled? For example, showing a task that requires 2 hours/wk for the entire duration of a 6 month task? I see this feature has been requested many, many times (back to version 1) adding this functionality has been long-promised? Work arounds are cumbersome. It seems a crucial capability for many users. Thanks!

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@DaveMM We’ve just made a change to allow unlinked effort & duration for all tasks (not just tasks with resources assigned) in the OmniPlan 4.1 for Mac test builds, which are available here.

Thank you, Ainsley! This is great. I have installed the test build (4.1 test (v206.0.421))and i tlooks good, but I cannot see how to decouple the two fields. Apologies if I am missing something obvious.

@DaveMM This setting has a fairly confusing title at the moment, as it’s currently consider a resource allocation setting. You’ll want to select “Adjust assigned amounts” in the Task Resource Allocation Inspector for the tasks you’d like to unlink effort & duration for.

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Thanks - that works. Thanks to the Omniplan team for this feature :)