Default Fields in Main View

When using the keyboard to tab through fields, I’ve noticed the ‘due’ field is available but you have to use the inspector to access the ‘defer’ field. I’m guessing the Omni Group has data that shows that this field is used the most for most user but I hardly ever use it. For me, the due date is for hard deadlines only and I defer actions all the time. Are there any plans to include the defer date field on the main view?

To contact The Omni Group support, you could choose Contact Omni in the Help menu. This is only a user forum. I might still be able to help you, though. In the Omnifocus menu, choose Preferences, and then the tab Layout. There you could choose which fields to show. I think that could solve your problem.

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Thanks for your help but that options isn’t available in the web app.

Ah – sorry! i wasn’t observant enough to notice that you were talking about the web app. I would recommend you to contact support at the address