Default perspectives disappeared

I’m not super familiar with Perspectives so perhaps this is obvious but now all my Default Perspectives are gone on my iPhone. All I can see is Completed and Changed. I can pull down to see the ‘secret’ menu which has a segmented control with Favorites and All Perspectives but touching it does nothing (it appears as though All Perspectives is stuck even though it appears to be highlighted.

I’ve tried quitting the app. This is a real bummer because all my projects and contexts are hidden from me now.

What to do?

Sorry for the trouble! If you open Settings, you can likely restore your perspectives by scrolling to the bottom and tapping the button to reset your Home screen.

If that doesn’t help, of course feel free to get in touch with our support team! They’ll make sure to get you up and running again.

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Reset Home screen worked, thanks! I didn’t go there originally because “reset” can have nasty consequences when there’s manually entered data involved.

Thanks again!